Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bagging some Stash


Once upon a time, many years ago, I had a small daughter and planned to make her some clothes. I saw a very pretty floral cotton remnant in a fabric shop and knew it would be insufficient for a dress, so found a plain pink poplin to match it. Time passed - many years, in fact. This year I joined the British Quilters List on Yahoo Groups, and commenced the Make a Bag a Month Challenge. Instructions for the January bag received, I went for a look in the stash cupboard(s) and that purchase from long ago seemed a good choice for my project. The result is in the photo above, a sturdy and attractive alternative to the ubiquitous plastic bag. It also folds into its own integral pocket for easy transport in a handbag, pocket or glovebox. I have already received requests from the aforementioned daughter for a bag of her own - we'll see, for I seem to have a bit of a log-jam of projects at the moment, after my New Year enthusiasms and subsequent viral-induced energy slump. At least I can use this to contain any works in progress, as well as for shopping.
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