Friday, January 04, 2008

Meanwhile, back in Marrakesh

Moroccan style incorporates a vast amount of geometric ornamentation, usually on the interiors of buildings, or at the doorways of important public ones. I greatly admired this work and felt privileged to watch a mastercraftsman creating plaques in his studio, just around the corner from our riad, towards the Musee de Marrakesh. I was too in awe to ask his permission to photograph him at work, and would have loved to bring home an example of his work but was discouraged from doing so by my beloved, who reminded me of what overfilled chaos is our current decor. Maybe the promise of a place to put a plaque in the future will fuel the drive for a calmer, more restful, tidier and less cluttered home? Pigs may fly......

Anyway, I'm a last-minute participant in Sharon B's
Take it Further Challenge and, as I thought about who and what I admire, this wonderful artisan came to mind. So did my lovely textile art mentor, Christine Benson, who has advised me to relate as much of my work as possible to the inspiration my trip gave me. So, my field of reference is determined and I can swap my thinking cap for my taking it forward one.
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