Friday, January 04, 2008

First Knitting in 2008

Bayerische Socks

I cast on to knit Eunny Jang's pattern for
Bayerische Socks on 1st January, but unfortunately set up the pattern with irretrievable errors, so undid it all the next day. Yesterday I cast on again, and it seems to be going right this time around. I'm knitting in Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock Wool from Get Knitted in a "solid" (slightly variegated) purply mauvey shade which has been stashed for this purpose for over a year. Hopefully progress will now all be onwards and satisfactory.

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Kerry said...

Hi, i was searching for a knitting group in congresbury and falled to find any but did find your profile!

do you know of any knitting groups at all that i could join?

im fairly new to knitting but rather enthusatic about it, i took my knitting into college the other day and got some lovely wierd looks from friends, i guess knitting isnt really a young persons hobby, but my plan is to convert some of them!

hope you can help :)