Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Firsts

Some seasonal firsts, mostly from the garden with a brief diversion into the kitchen.


First rose of the summer, blooming outside the living room window. I wish you could smell it: deliciously fragrant, slightly citrus.


I'm very fond of this rose. It's called Sarah and I bought it because my elder daughter shares the name, just before we moved into this house seventeen years ago, so it was one of the first plants we added to this garden.


Another view of this gorgeous flower. The namesake girl will be 21 in a fortnight!


It's the first year this wisteria has bloomed. It was planted to grow over a wooden arch and has made a diversion into the apple tree.


This first is a gigantic Calzone, made yesterday by my birthday boys who were inspired to try to make their own after tasting them in Florence.


Above is Alfie on his first visit to our home, and his first experience of a trampoline. He coped remarkably well and behaved himself superbly during his evening with us. He belongs to Joe, Sarah's boyfriend, who visited with him.


Lastly, the first hot air balloon of the season - as good as seeing swallows or hearing cuckoos for heralding summer.

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Guzzisue said...

Just realised I've not seen any balloons over here yet, did the dog manage to bouce on the trampoline?