Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday afternoon under a Cherry Tree

Instead of spending a rare sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden, we spent it in the grounds of our children's school in the next village, for an open air service run by the local churches. Our younger daughter sings with the school gospel choir, Youthful Spirit, and they were performing/participating. We arrived in very good time as she was needed for a soundcheck, so I was able to park my folding chair in the shade of a cherry tree and occupy myself with a sketch book for a while.


The gorgeousness of the blossom of the tree was distracting and I couldn't resist getting out my camera to try to capture its ephemeral glory.


The afternoon included a picnic break and optional craft activities, for those so inclined. Then it was time for the service proper.


It felt very special to be in this glorious situation, in this glorious weather (despite the odd rumble of thunder). The music was superb, of course, and it was a memorable and joyful act of worship.


A picture of the choir and backing band of musicians. There is so much talent shared among these young people.


Then back home for a mug of tea, to continue the theme. I've had a virus hanging around for a week which chose to attack my throat and larynx with a vengeance on this day, so I had to give a miss to joining in the singing.


Now I'm on doctor's orders to rest myself and my voice to facilitate recovery. Oh, happy days...


Dorothy said...

What a lovely way to spend the day Sue. I would have loved to have been under that tree too. Wish I could have heard the choir too.

veronika said...

Hi Sue, it's Veronika
I hope you are feeling better.I see you had a beautiful Sunday.Wish you more days like this.