Monday, May 26, 2008

Up Close in our Garden

Returning home from our lunch out, I was inspired to photograph some of the blossoms in our garden while the sun was shining. I'm glad I did as the last two days have been extremely wet and windy, so the plants have taken a battering from the elements.

The roses are lovely. I love the sensual texture and pure colours of their petals.

The marigolds are brilliantly, boldly yellow and ruffled in the extreme.

A lovely spike of lupin in our front garden pokes above its mound of parasol leaves.

Last summer's Sweet William overwintered successfully and has presented an exuberent cushion of pink blooms.

This kaffir lily is suffering from seasonal confusion disorder as it usually flowers in the autumn, but it looks lovely anyway.

This pretty white rose is peeping over the fence by the front door.


M.KATE said...

wonderful and beautiful flowers, love it !!

MargB said...

Your flower studies are beautiful

Anonymous said...

Oh, very beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.


JoWynn Johns said...

Gorgeous close-ups. Did you use an SLR digital camera to get these shots?

Sue said...

Hi, JoWynn,

I use a Canon Ixus 700, which is a digital compact camera. I think it does quite well for me at the moment. I love a little camera I can carry around in my handbag, though there are times when I'd love a SLR camera too.