Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wednesday in Santa Croce

Another day, another bus route: this time eastwards, past the Duomo, to alight close by the church of Santa Croce. The church is situated in its own piazza, where jazz musicians entertained us enthusiastically with their music.

Sitting at the feet of Dante

Santa Croce had a special role in Florentine life: it was fashionalble to be buried here, so tombstones and memorials to the great and good are a prominent feature inside the church, including Dante, Macchiavelli and Marconi. There is also much beautiful artwork evident in the chapels and the Museum of Restoration, while in one area within its walls is the School of Leatherworkers. We saw some exquisite artworks here, many restored after the severe flooding of Florence in 1966.

I love the patterns of this ironwork

Outside the chapel of the Pitti family

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