Sunday, June 22, 2008

English Garden - June

The sun is shining at the moment, so let's see what we can see in the garden before the next shower starts.













The wind is getting up, blowing the flowers and leaves about and rolling in the clouds above. Time to put the kettle on and relax with a mug of tea and the Sunday papers.


Anonymous said...

beautiful garden shots - i love seeing photos of other gardens.

Anonymous said...

I love all the flowers. Beautiful shots. I trust you enjoyed your tea and reading the papers.


christine mercer-vernon said...

sue i am amazed at all you do! i've finally have a few minutes to explore all of your blogs! my goodness, you have creativity that flows so effortlessly, where i would be scared to even the red hens & chicks! i just planted a few in my garden but they are just little baby single rosettes right now...but they dream of looking like yours!!

I LOVE YOU said...