Friday, June 06, 2008

A Test Drive

Recently, Kerrie of Hipknits requested a volunteer to test knit something using a new line of yarn made from yak fibre. This seemed a good use of my meagre energy and time, given that I've been laid up for weeks now with a throat virus and laryngitis.

The hank of yarn duly arrived and I wound it into a ball and thought about what to make with it. This is the result:-


One might imagine yak hair to be rather coarse and - well - hairy, but this yarn is so soft, light and cosy, and an absolute delight to knit up.


More pictures can be seen on my stitchy blog, here and on Kerrie's blog,
here. The yarn is available at Hipknits.

It's very frustrating to be poorly again for week after week, and no voice to speak of(!) Cooking supper on Wednesday put me straight to bed afterwards and all day yesterday and I've had a quiet day again today. I'm devouring library books and planning more projects but I'm beginning to go just a little bit stir crazy...

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