Thursday, June 12, 2008

Got the Blues


Things are still pretty quiet round here, my life interrupted by the wretched throat bug which has deprived me of voice and energy. My doctor decided to refer me to an ENT specialist when I saw him yesterday, and also offered acupuncture against muscle spasm in my throat. It was very relaxing but sadly so far has made little difference to the voice or soreness.

Anyway, cabin fever needs treatment, too. I'm off to partake in two days of art play under the direction of this lady, staying here for tonight and tomorrow, which means I also get a holiday from mummy duties. If the sun shines on me I will be in heaven! Please send me lots of energy so I can make the most of this opportunity. I'm so grateful to my beloved for making this all possible: I really thought I was going to have to miss this long-awaited fun.


Elizabeth said...

Dear Sue
hoping you are feeling a little better?
I love the blue - my favorite color.
The woods on my blog are at Thorndon Park near Brentwood.
I grew up in a gamekeeper's cottage there. We used to go to Epping Forest for outings.....we must compare notes about growing up as Essex girls!
Barbara of Ramblings from an English garden often has super Essex pictures.

verobirdie said...

I hope you will enjoy those two days and that relaxing will help fighting this naughty bug.

I LOVE YOU said...