Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sojourn on the Stour


Back from my break, here are some photos taken where I was staying. My bedroom overlooked the River Stour, a wonderfully tranquil scene.


This tree acted as a modesty screen between my bedroom window and the opposite river bank. The leaves shimmied and twirled in the breeze in contrast to the massive solidity of the massive trunk, embellished by a network of ivy vines.


After breakfast, I took the air on the riverside terrace. There was a family of ducks swimming up and down, and gigantic fish lurking under the surface (just visible in the photo more or less low centre, if you click to enlarge). They were waiting for the leftover toast to be thrown over the fence by our waitress after the restaurant closed for breakfast.


There is an island in the river, reached by a rustic bridge from the terrace, where one could potentially take one's afternoon tea or something stronger whilst enjoying the sweet air and birdsong.


The ducks had a log available to leave the water for dry land when they chose.


Leaving the hotel was this wonderfully distressed wall, which naturally caught my eye and occasioned a photograph. I guess the suckers were probably left by Virginia Creeper, or maybe ivy.


The drive home this afternoon was through lovely countryside and picturesque villages, but as I was driving I could take no photographs: sadly few viewpoints are accompanied by convenient lay-bys or car parks and, anyway, I was keen to getback to my loved ones.

The workshop was, incidentally, wonderful. But, more of that on another occasion.


Anonymous said...

what lovely photos - a gorgeous place to stay. I love the peeling paint photo - lovely texture. I really must take my camera out more. i never have it when i need it

Elizabeth said...

Could the distressed wall be turned into some sort of needle work design?
The other pictures were so green and English!
That's what I enjoy about blogging - you get to visit all sorts of interesting places - viewed through the eyes of people who are potential friends.
I like the idea of the armchair traveler...

JoWynn Johns said...

Lovely break. So glad you could get away. Hope it lifted your spirits.

Dorothy said...

HI There,
Thought i recognised the place. I have stayed there and will be doing so again in November. THat Hotel is very convenient for the courses isn't it?

Anonymous said...

A beautiful and relaxing view. Thanks for sharing with us. ;-) glad you had a good workshop experience, too!


Barbara said...

Glad you got a break and hope you are beginning to feel better.

So your Mum is about 20 mins. drive away from me. If it works out, yes would be nice to meet.