Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Melting Moments with Maggie

I promised to say something about my Hot Fix workshop with Maggie Grey. It was a wonderful two days, full of ideas and "excitements", as Maggie would say. The pictures above were taken during the first day, the top row being before, the bottom row after I'd subjected the pieces to the heat gun. We did lots of painting, printing, layering, stitching and melting with various combinations of fabric and media, and naturally had extreme fun while doing so.

In my stitching blog I've shown more pieces, or starting points, commenced during the weekend to continue at home, with some ideas of how I might do so.

Many of the techniques we used are included in Maggie's excellent and brand new book, Image to Stitch, another good addition to my art library. I've had fun ordering some supplies so I can experiment further.

We played hard during the two days and I cannot deny that I was exhausted when I arrived home. I've since had a couple of semi-vegetative duvet days and can only say that it was well worth it. The throat is still sore, the voice is still husky, but I'm feeling very good that I got there and enjoyed the company and the stimulation. Thanks, Maggie!


Helen Cowans said...

Looks good :) glad you had a good time. Maggie's book arrived today - lots of good ideas.

Dorothy said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all. Maggie's classes sre so full of value aren't they?

verobirdie said...

Glad you had such fun! The results are beautiful.