Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Alpaca Nursery


On Easter Monday we paid a visit to our lovely friends, June and Peter Briggs, who run an alpaca farm on the Somerset levels, across the Mendip Hills from our home. It was a special treat because there are three new additions to the flock: two were a week old and one had been born the day before.


Alpacas are, to me, absolutely delightful creatures, full of character and curiosity. The babies are so sweet. They are on their feet and eating grass very quickly after their birth. Because of the cold nights, these babes and their mothers are brought into a barn overnight but go outside to pasture during the daytime. I was fascinated that the brown baby belonged to the white mother,and the white babe to the brown mum. I didn't think to ask what colour the fathers were.


June and Peter have the fleeces spun into delicious knitting yarn, and June also makes collectors' teddy bears from the alpaca fleece. I so enjoy visiting the alpaca farm: it was lovely to catch up with June and Peter, Peter's sister Susan (visiting from London) and the flock.


Guzzisue said...

they are soooo cute, maybe we could move the bikes out the garage, fence in the garden............somehow I don't think so :) but they are gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

They look so lovely.
I could add a couple to my fantasy farm - to go with my chickens, ducks,dogs and donkeys!
Maybe one day...........
all best wishes