Thursday, March 06, 2008

I've been doing some sewing


This bag is a stripy shopper for the British Quilters' List March Challenge: for once, completed well ahead of deadline.


This is a stitched and beaded brooch which is going in the post today (belatedly: my February Brooch swap for CarolT of Unlimited Textiles.


This is a crazy patchwork quiltlet for Sandy of Unlimited Textiles, again for February's swap. Our theme for the month was Passion. I have a passion for rich colours and texture, a little glitz, beads, silky cloths, both hand and machine embroidery, crazy patchwork and romance, so there you go.
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Sandy said...

I have a passion for all those things too and will be getting the quiltie-hooray! Thanks for visiting my blog. Isn't the internet wonderful? Sandy