Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Signs of Spring and Sun


The tadpoles have hatched! These are from the first lot of spawn - more appeared in the pond after the bitter cold spell we had at the end of February, which is still there, plumply globular with the little tadpoles slowly developing tails. But these babies are the ones that were under ice a couple of weeks ago. Nature surely is wonderful.

It is very hard to photograph tadpoles in our garden pond: if I used no flash, they got obscured by my reflection and, if I did, by the flash flare reflection. However, by aiming off centre, and cropping, I had some success.


The plumbago has started flowering under the walnut tree, a welcome splash of warm, purply blue.


The sun has been making half-hearted attempts to shine out from behind the clouds above the maple tree, which made a surprisingly dramatic sky for this photo and encouraged me to hang out washing on the line. The puddles have dried up, too.


Angelcat said...

Hi Sue

I hope you are starting to feel a bit better we missed seeing you at GWE again. I really like your tadpole picture. Mark went for a walk down the old canal path where he took his frog pictures last week and most of that spawn is gone now :( We have seen a few herons flying around in that area so I guess they had a nice snack but it probably means we won't get to see the development from spawn to tadpole.


Anonymous said...

Great job o the tadpoles photo. I love the last photo, especially. I'm inspired to post a sky photo, too.

Yay! I love the signs of spring and sun. Thanks for posting all these lovely photos.


Willow said...

We have purple plumbago out here too, but I haven't seen any on my walks. Your photo is lovely.

Sweet! Soon you'll have frogs croaking--I actually like their sounds.

M.KATE said...

fabulous pictures, really like the, honestly..hardly see tadpoles here, have a great weekend :)