Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not a door


A glorious piece of weathered wall in Marrakesh - like rusted metal, richly coloured and textured.
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Annica said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos! I've really enjoyed looking at them.

Ambera said...

Textures and colours are sooo great in your pictures! A beautiful collection of photos in this door post.

Stephanie said...

All your photographs of doors and the wall are wonderful!
So many stories these images hold. I ADORE the door with the threads hanging off it.

This is an amazing trip around the world, opening NEW doors for me!

Lea said...

Oh but it is... do you not see the knob, a bit hidden but there... just waiting for the magic words to open this beautiful portal... thank you Sue for the glorious thresholds to cross and share with you!!!

Elizabeth said...

Dear Sue
Thank you so much for the kind comments.
I'm thrilled at what fun so many of us seem to have had discovering new blogs and new places.
Your wall in Marrakech is amazing!
We are in New York now but go back to the little house on derb Djedid in about two weeks.
If you go back a little in my blog there are more wall pictures.
All best wishes.
Keep in touch.

AnnieElf said...

i just finished going through all of your door posts. What a wonderful collection of posts paying hommage to The Door. I dropped in at the door installation as well. Fascinating. Thanks for the link.

MargaretR said...

I love your doors. My favourite though must be the door handles the men use to make their cords. fascinating.

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

So glad I called back - your collection of door shots is marvellous. Particularly enjoyed the remnants of the braiding.

Leah said...

oo, i love that texture and color. and i love doors!!

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