Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Missing Bridge Mystery: an Answer?

When I posted about the missing bridge mystery here, I so hoped someone would come up with some ideas. I've been thinking about this puzzle and discussing it with family and friends, and realised I had come up with one solution to the problem.

So, by the bridge there is a sign, which says that the Pulteney Bridge is one of only four bridges in the world that has shops along both sides of their full span. As I said before, I know that this is the case for both the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and the Rialto Bridge in Venice, both in Italy. So, where is the fourth bridge? Well, perhaps this is it? (Clue - it works better spoken than written.)

I came across another riddle during this research: What will they do if the Forth Bridge collapses? The answer can be found here, towards the end of the page. Or perhaps that, too, has already been done?

So, have I found the answer to the mystery or just the riddle? Is it an April Fool? Or is there indeed still another bridge to identify? I'd love to know.


Sara said...

Maybe it's this one:
(Rainbow bridge with shops, looks like China)??

Sara said...

...although, I checked the Pulteney Bridge website (
pulteney.htm) which says it's one of only THREE such seems there is a discrepancy!