Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doors Part 1

One of the Blogs I subscribe to is Down Under Dale,
and Dale has done me the great favour of telling me about the blogs of Elizabeth, who has the great good fortune to live in Marrakesh and New York

Elizabeth told me about a project to post images of doors today, and I could not but join in, because doors fascinate me and frequently tempt me to photograph them, so much so that I'm making at least four different postings of doors today, from my collection.

These doors are English doors:-


This first photograph shows a garden door at Hestercombe in Somerset. I wish my garden was big enough to contain walls and doors, with the sense of secrets beyond...


This door belongs to my friend Hilary. She lives in a wonderful Arts and Crafts house by the architect Voysey, who even designed the door furniture - gorgeous.


The door above leads into a studio in Cheddar - a farm outbuilding which is now an inspirational space - the gardens are also pretty inspirational.

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This door is near Ironbridge, into a small pottery there.


Willow said...

I love the doors of England, obviously, since I posted several. I took mine on a visit to England in 2004.

Barbara said...

You certaily have some great door posts here. You are making me want to go to Marrakech.